2011.05.17 Scott Weiland @ Gramercy

Posted by Mark at 19 May 2011

Category: concerts

Tickets said 7PM.

We arrived at 7:45 expecting to miss the opener and be just on time.

Turns out, 7PM is doors, show starts at 9. Well at least we are front row!

The venue is tiny, but that’s good when you’re front row. The bleacher seating in back is nice had we chosen that route.

8:45 “The Dirty Pearls” go on. They’re fine musically, but the variety in clothing style among the band is hilarious. Vocalist = Emo. Lead guitar = Lenny Kravitz clone. Bassist = Metalhead. Drummer = S+M. 2nd lead guitar = Tee + Jeans. Rhythm guitar = Hipster.

They play their 30 minutes and I expect a long delay, because the stage is quite cramped, they’ll need a lot of setup for Weiland. 9:30 comes and goes. Stage is setup. Some “Scott-y” chants. Nothing.

Around 10PM some VIPs show up. One guy named Mark and I chat quite a bit, he owns a few bars and is here with the travel coordinator for Weiland. He tells me, in a whisper, Weiland is not in the building, he’s across the street in his hotel having an episode.

10:45PM and lots of disgruntled fans. A half dozen or so beers get tossed on stage. Me and Mark talk concerts and he gets me free VIP beer, so at least the time goes by a little more quickly.

11:15 Doug Green comes out and announces it will be another 15 minutes. Turns out it was more like another 45 minutes.

5 minutes to midnight Weiland finally goes on stage. He makes some excuses about taking a redeye that morning and then various press/book signing commitments. Plenty of booing, but nothing thrown at him or his band.

They open up with 3 or 4 “new songs” on a yet to even be announced album. It was super jam bandy.

From there he goes into a series of covers – his version of Fame, “Let Down” by Radiohead (this sounded great, but being so tired, it made us sleepy) and  “Francis Farmer” by Nirvana (also sounded very good).

Before the Stone Roses song he told a story about the first time he did LSD and heard that song. Someone in the crowd yelled a perfectly timed “COOL STORY BRO” which was hilarious to me.

They did an encore of Unglued, the only STP song of the night. All told they only played a dozen songs, and while they sounded good… the night as a whole was just frustrating.

He was literally within arms reach of us though, which was somewhat redeeming.

All pictures here.