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Posted by Mark at 18 June 2017

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Lethy and I had a spectacular time tasting TONS of beers.

Growler and Gill did a great job hosting, of course!

Posted by Mark at 18 June 2017

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In a wonderful ceremony and reception, Steve and Nan got married.

We had a ton of fun, but not as much fun as the bride and groom!

Following the reception there was a light night gaming session with Graham, Ailleen, Aaron, Michelle, Stacie, Eric.

A great combination of Steve’s eras all playing Cards Against Humanity!

Posted by Mark at 18 June 2017

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Obviously no details are allowed, but Me, Graham and Rob abducted Steve’s car….

Filled it with sour treats…

And proceeded to send him offers to sell it back to him from specially created emails.

Eventually he finished his NFL Draft work and we went to Two Roads and Aspetuck breweries, then Local Kitchen, Johny Utah’s for a few minutes before playing various card games through the night.

The following day resulted in even more card game playing!

Great timest.

Posted by Mark at 3 August 2014

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In Spring we learned Hanabi from Aaron and Michelle, with Steve after going to Storm King.

We also celebrated Lethy’s birthday in Manhattan for a weekend. We went to Rock of Ages on broadway, did touristy things, and ate great food. Sadly Lethy had to skip the Mets/Yankees game on the Monday (she had a final exam).

This summer was busy with lots of little things, but only 1 big trip really (see later post).

After she finished her semester, Lethy spent 2.5 weeks in Venezuela on the beach with her family.

Much jealousy, no pictures, and payback awaits in October anyhow 😀

In June we saw Boston and Cheap Trick with Liz and Dave at PNC.


I honestly didn’t realize how many Cheap Trick songs I actually know.

Throughout the summer we did various grilling at Nyack with my parents.

In July, Alex and Victor came to stay with us for a month with Ada and Madison visiting for a couple of the weekends.

One weekend, we went to Nyack and took them out kayaking and did some grilling:

In August, we saw Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails with Steve at PNC.

Soundgarden sounded good, but had a pretty short setlist, especially by their standards. They talked up every song with a story or tidbit, but not to the same amount they would as a headliner. NIN was more like a techno dance party than a rock show, interesting, but not something I’ll need again.

The following day we had a company party at Restaurant X with live music in a jazz style. It was fun!

Throughout late July and early August, Lethy had her teaching certification exams. But after her final one she went to her friend Claudia’s baby shower.

Posted by Mark at 18 February 2014

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Lethy made me a cool cake..